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ICON IP250 Economical I/P Transducer

Economical I/P Transducer

The IP250 transducer converts a variable electrical signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output. The small size, light weight and immunity to shock and vibration make it ideal for use in HVAC and process control valve applications. Conversion technology utilizing open loop control and a low mass magnet produces accurate pressure control at an economical cost. The IP250 can mount in any position and is impervious to RFI/EMI interference.

• Small size allows for dense mounting in panels
• Vibration and Position Insensitive Unit can mount in any plane and is stable in high vibration environments
• Worldwide Safety Approval Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
• Comes standard with DIN Rail Adapter
• Wide operating temperature limits

Functional Specifications
Input 4-20 mA
Output 3-15 psig
Air Consumption 6 scfh
Supply Pressure 22 psig (1.5 BAR) maximum
Flow Capacity 2.4 scfm maximum
Temperature Limit -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)
Relative Humidity 75% Average - 95% short time non-condensing
Impendance 260 Ohms @ 70°
Loop Load 5.2 volts @ 70°
Performance Specifications
Linearity (Independent) <±0.5% of span
Hysteresis <±0.3% of span
Deadband <±0.1% of span
Repeatability <±0.3% of span; <±0.15% of span typical
Mounting Orientation <±0.5% / 90 degree change
Air Supply Sensitivity <±.3% per 1.5 psig change
Vibration Effect <±1% up to 10g and 20-80 Hz
Temperature Effect <±0.75% / 100°F Change
Physical Specifications
Housing NEMA 1 (IP20)
Port Sizes 1/8” NPT
Media Clean, dry, oil-free, instrument air, filtered to 40 micron
Materials Housing: Chromate-treated aluminum plastic; Elastomers: Buna-N; Trim: Stainless steel, brass, zinc-plated steel; Cover: Polypropylene
Weight 0.75 lbs. (0.34 kg)

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