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Honeywell V5013N Three-Way Threaded Globe Valves

Three-Way Threaded Globe Valves

The V5013N is a three-way threaded globe valve that controls hot water, cold water, and glycol solutions (up to 50 percent concentration) in heating or cooling HVAC applications. The valves are used for mixing service to direct flow from one or two inlets to a common outlet in two-position or modulating control systems.

• Red brass body with NPT-threaded connections.
• Stainless steel stem and brass plug.
• Low seat leakage rating, < 0.05%.
• Spring-loaded, self adjusting packing.
• 50:1 rangeability per VDI/VDE 2173.
• Linear (constant total) flow throughout full stem travel.
• Accurate positioning to ensure state-of-the-art temperature control.
• Sizes range from 1/2 inch to 2 inches.
• Suitable for pneumatic or electric/electronic actuation.
• Repack and rebuild kits available for field servicing.

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Cat #inchCv
V5013N10301/2 in.2.9 Cv
V5013N10481/2 in.4.7 Cv
V5013N10553/4 in.7.3 Cv
V5013N10631 in.11.7 Cv
V5013N10711 1/4 in.18.7 Cv
V5013N10891 1/2 in.29 Cv
V5013N10972 in.46.8 Cv
Valve Type: Globe Valve
Body Pattern: Three-way
Connection Type: NPT Female
Flow Characteristic: Linear (B-AB); Equal Percentage (A-AB)
Valve Action: Mixing
Connection Type: NPT Female
Controlled Medium: Water w/max of 50% Glycol
Seat Leakage Rating (%): 0.05% of Cv
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure: 240 psi (1655 kPa)
Maximum Differential for Quiet Water Service: 20 psid (138 kPa)
Maximum Differential Pressure Ratings (Close-off): 240 psi (1655 kPa)
Static Pressure Rating: ANSI 150
Ambient Temperature Range: 36 F to 248 F water
(2 C to 120 C water)
Stem Travel: 3/4 in. (20 mm)
Stroke: 3/4 in. (20 mm)
Bonnet Size: 1-3/8 in. (35 mm)
Actuation: Must be purchased separately
Materials (Body): Red Brass
(Stem): Stainless Steel
(Seat): Brass
(Packing): Teflon
CRN Number: 0C0861.9087YTN/0C0861.123

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