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Honeywell TR20 Series Wall Modules

Wall Modules
TR20 Series

The TR21, TR22, TR23, and TR24 are a family of direct wired wall modules for use with Honeywell Excel 600, 500, 100, and 80 controllers; Excel 10 W7750, W7751A, W7752, and W7753 controllers; W7761 Controller; and Spyder Unitary Controllers. All models have a space temperature sensor.

• Models available with user selectable setpoint adjustment dials in Fahrenheit, Celsius and Relative Scales
• Models available with occupied/unoccupied override (bypass) with LED
• Models available with 3-position (auto/0/1) or 5-position (auto/0/1/2/3 speed) fan switch
• LONWORKS network jack on all models except the TR21 and TR21- A models
• Models available with on board humidity sensor, humidity output: 0- 10Vdc, 0-5 Vdc, 4-20ma selectable

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Cat #Sensor Element TypeHumidity Sensor TypeSelectable Setpoint AdjustmentOverride Button with LEDLON JackFan Switching
TR2120K ohms non-linear
TR21-A10K ohms non-linear for averaging only
TR21-H20K ohms non-linearYesYes
TR21-J20K ohms non-linearYes
TR2220K ohms non-linearYesYes
TR2320K ohms non-linearYesYesYes
TR23-H20K ohms non-linearYesYesYesYes
TR23-N*20K ohms non-linearYesYesYes
TR2420K ohms non-linear20K ohms non-linearYesYes
TR22-F520K ohms non-linearYesYes5 position
TR23-F320K ohms non-linearYesYesYes3 position
TR23-F520K ohms non-linearYesYesYes5 position
T7770A100620K ohms non-linear
T7770A300210K ohms non-linear for averaging only
T7770A200420K ohms non-linearYes
T7770B100420K ohms non-linearYesYes
T7770C100220K ohms non-linearYesYesYes
T7770C105120K ohms non-linearYesYesYes
T7770D100020K ohms non-linearYesYes
T7770E102320K ohms non-linearYesYesYesYes
T7770F100520K ohms non-linearYesYesYesYes
Application: Networked Sensor
Operating Temperature Range: 45 F to 99 F (7 C to 37 C)
Shipping Temperature Range: -40 F to +150 F (-40 C to +65 C)
Operating Humidity Range (% RH):

5 to 95% RH, non-condensing


Mounted on a standard 2 x 4 inch junction box or on a 60 mm diameter junction box.

Comments: Also used with the T7350 and TB8220 Thermostats
Used With: Spyder, Excel 600, 500, 100, 80 and Excel 10, 15 Series Controllers


CE: Approved
Federal Communications Commission: FCC Part 15, Class B
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL94 plastic enclosure




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