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Honeywell TP973 Pneumatic Thermostat

Pneumatic Thermostat

One- or two-pipe, single temperature, low capacity, pneumatic thermostat used to provide proportional control of pneumatic valves and damper actuators in heating and air conditioning systems. Replacement kits are available for Johnson, Powers, Robertshaw, Barber-Colman, and older Honeywell pneumatic thermostats.

• Durable TP970 Series Thermostat. Direct Acting (DA) and Reverse Acting (RA) models are available.
• Backplate has molded air connections-no separate fittings needed.
• Universal locking cover with satin chrome finish and horizontal, vertical, or blank window options available.
• Other Covers Available.
• Low capacity thermostat.
• Built in restrictor for two-pipe applications.

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Cat #IncludesSetpointActionNumber of PipesSetpoint Temperature RangeChangeoverThrottling Range
TP973A2076Order Cover SeparatelySingleDirect Acting1 or 260 F to 90 F-2 F to 10 F
TP973A2084Order Cover SeparatelySingleDirect Acting1 or 2---
TP973A2167Thermostat and cover # 14004407-121SingleDirect Acting1 or 260 F to 90 F-2 F to 10 F
TP973A2209Thermostat and Satin Chrome CoverSingleDirect Acting1 or 260 F to 90 F-2 F to 10 F
TP973A2223Thermostat and beige coverSingleDirect Acting1 or 260 F to 90 F-2 F to 10 F
TP973B2066Order Cover SeparatelySingleReverse Acting1 or 260 F to 90 F-2 F to 10 F
TP973B2074Order Cover SeparatelySingleReverse Acting1 or 2---
TP973B2132Thermostat and cover # 14004407-121SingleReverse Acting1 or 260 F to 90 F--
TP973B2171Thermostat and Satin Chrome CoverSingleReverse Acting1 or 260 F to 90 F--
Application Type: Wall Thermostat, Heat/Cool Operation
Dimensions, Approximate: 3 1/4 in. high x 2 in. wide x 1 5/8 in. deep (83 mm high x 51 mm wide x 41 mm deep)
Airflow Usage: 0.011 scfm (5.2 mL/s)
Mounting: Wall
Operating Temperature: 100 F maximum
Storage Temperature: 150 F maximum (66 C maximum)
Sensor Element: Bimetal
Maximum Operating Pressure: 25 psi (170 kPa)

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