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Honeywell T7771 Wall Module

Wall Module

The T7771A Remote Temperature Sensors are direct wired wall modules for use with the Honeywell T7350 Commercial Programmable Thermostat. The T7771A has a space temperature sensor, LED push button setpoint adjustment, and override with LED.

• Push button setpoint adjustment with LED indicators.
• Occupied/unoccupied override (bypass) with LED.
• LONWORKS® bus jack.
• Operating range 45 to 99×F (7 to 37×C).

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Cat #DescriptionscolorSetpoint Temperature RangeSensor Type
T7771A100520 K ohm NTC non-linear Temperature Wall ModuleWhiteoffset +/- 3F20 K ohm NTC nonlinear
Application: Remote Room Temperature Sensor for use with T7350 thermostat
Dimensions, Approximate: 5 1/32 in. high x 3 5/32 in. wide x 1 in. deep (128 mm high x 80 mm wide x 25 mm deep)
Operating Temperature Range: 45 F to 99 F (7 C to 37 C)
Shipping Temperature Range: -40 F to +150 F (-40 C to +65 C)
Operating Humidity Range (% RH): 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Mounting: Mounted on a standard 2 x 4 inch junction box or on a 60 mm diameter junction box.
Comments: Can be configured to output 10K ohms for use in multiple sensor averaging with T7770A.
Used With: T7350
N.E.C. Class II

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