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Honeywell T7350 Communicating Programmable Commercial Thermostats

Communicating Programmable Commercial Thermostats

T7350H Communicating Thermostats control 24 Vac commercial single-zone multistage conventional, heat pump and modulating HVAC equipment. Additionally, the T7350H allows remote access and the sharing of clock, schedule, setpoints, bypass and other system parameters with other devices in a LONWORKS® network.

• 365-day programming.
• Two Occupied and two Not Occupied periods per day.
• Thermostat Interface Module (TIM) connections to thermostat from PDA for advanced configuration, programming, keypad lockout, etc.
• Individual heat and cool setpoints available for Occupied and Not Occupied periods.
• P+I+D control minimizes temperature fluctuations.
• Recovery ramping control automatically optimizes equipment start times based on building load.
• Universal Versaguard™ Thermostat guards available.
• Convenient overrides allow temporary setpoint changes.
• Keypad multi-level lockout available with all models.
• Remote sensor capability for temperature (including outdoor air and discharge air) and humidity sensors.
• Auxiliary contact interfaces with a Honeywell Economizer System (for total rooftop control integration) or as a dehumidification output LONWORKS® network communication.

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Cat #CommentsApplicationSystemFanStages
T7350H1009Remote Temp, Outdoor, Discharge Air, Humidity, EnergyStar ProductConventional and Heat Pump systemsEM. HEAT-HEAT OFF- COOL-AUTOAUTO-ON3 Heat / 3 Cool
T7350H1017EnergyStar product (Title 24 compliant product), Remote Temp, Outdoor, Discharge Air, Humidity and OccupancyModulating SystemsEM. HEAT-HEAT OFF- COOL-AUTOAUTO-ON2 Mod (4-20mA)/ 2 Relay
Y7355H1009Remote Temp, Outdoor, Discharge Air, Humidity, OccupancyConventional and Heat Pump systemsEM. HEAT-HEAT OFF- COOL-AUTOAUTO-ON3 Heat / 3 Cool

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