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Honeywell Spyder Unitary And VAV Controllers

Unitary And VAV Controllers

Whatever you need your equipment to do, Spyder™ has the legs to get it done. Based on the amount of inputs and outputs — and Spyder models offer plenty — Spyder can be used on any piece of equipment and will give you the flexibility to create almost any application. Just determine what you need done, then program Spyder to control it all.

Removable Terminal Strips

Service and wiring is fast and easy with Spyder. Removable terminal strips enable wiring when the controller is mounted in hard-to-reach locations. To service, simply unplug the terminals with the wires, replace the controller and plug it all back in. It’s that fast and that easy.

Color-Coded Input/Output Labels

Only Honeywell makes connections and troubleshooting easy with color-coded labels for inputs and outputs. The labels not only ensure that the controller is wired correctly; they also aid with troubleshooting because you can check specific wiring at a glance.

Internal Real-Time Clock

Get unheard-of power in a unitary controller.  With Spyder™, there’s no need to add a separate timing device — a clock is built right in. Now the power normally reserved for plant controllers is available in the compact package of a unitary controller. The ability to add real time to your unitary applications, and knowing that your controller will continue to function even when network time is not available, is usually reserved for plant controllers. This also allows the controller to be the time master on small projects or temporarily on larger projects while waiting for the network master to be installed.

Internal DC Power Supply

Finally, there’s an end to including extra DC power supplies for external transmitters. Spyder Controllers come with an internal DC power supply that saves you both the expense of external power and the additional wiring. As long as the load of the transmitter doesn’t exceed the power supply’s rating, you’ll have the exact polarities and power you need.

  • Reliable individual room temperature control
  • Pressure-independent or pressure-dependent flow control
  • Wide application flexibility for all VAV and constant volume terminal unit applications
  • Maximum energy savings through time-of-day control, load optimization, occupancy
  • sensor interface with standby setpoints and demand limit control
  • Automation savings through features such as pressurization/depressurization, night purge, morning warm-up and terminal regulated air volume

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PUL6438Programmable Unitary Controller
PVL6438NProgrammable VAV Controller
PVL6436AProgrammable VAV Controller With Actuator
PUL6438SProgrammable Unitary Controller
PVL6438NSProgrammable VAV Controller
PVL6436ASProgrammable VAV Controller With Actuator
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV)
  • Unit Vent (UV)
  • Constant Volume Air Handling Unit (CVAHU)
  • Fan Coil
  • VAV Box fan speed control
  • Room CO2 control
  • VAV discharge air control and low limit
  • Pressure-independent or pressure-dependent single-duct applications
  • Up to three stages reheat
  • Floating or PWM reheat and peripheral heat
  • Series fan
  • Parallel fan
  • Return flow tracking
  • Pressure-independent or pressure-dependent dual duct with or without flow mixing, cold and hot duct flow sensors
  • Pressure-independent dual duct, constant-volume, cold and hot duct flow sensors
  • Pressure-independent dual duct, cold duct airflow sensor only
  • Pressure-independent dual duct, constant volume, with discharge airflow sensor only
  • Anything else your mind can dream up