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Honeywell S7810B Multi-Drop Switch Module

Multi-Drop Switch Module

Supports remote mounting of S7800 Keyboard Display Module, personal computer communications interface and remote reset.

• Use with remotely mounted S7800 Keyboard Display Module.
• Installs directly on the front of 7800 SERIES Relay Modules.
• Provides communications bus interface and remote reset.

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Cat #Comments
S7810B1007Includes 208727 8 pin electrical connector
Application: ControlBus™ Module
Dimensions, Approximate: 4 27/32 in. wide x 2 29/32 in. high x 29/32 in. deep (123 mm wide x 73 mm high x 23 mm deep)
Ambient Temperature Range: -40 F to +140 F (-40 C to +60 C)
Vibration: 0.5 G environment
Voltage: 13 Vdc peak full wave rectified (+20/-15%)
Weight: 4 oz (0.11 kg)
Canadian Standards Association: Certified, File No. LR95329-3
Factory Mutual: Report No. 1V9AO.AF
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Component Recognized, File No. MP268; Guide No. MCCZ2

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