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Honeywell S7800A1142 Keyboard Display Module for VP Programming

Keyboard Display Module for VP Programming

Provides current status of burner sequence, timing information, hold information and lockout information, as well as selectable or preemptive messages.

• Application flexibility.
• Communication interface capability with Switchover to ModBus programmable.
• First-out annunciation and system diagnostics provided by 2 row by 20 column Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).
• Call Service (Business Card) programmable message displayed when system lockout occurs.
• Local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information.
• First out expanded annunciation with 24 limit and interlock LEDs enhances keyboard display module information. Display can be Programmed to customize the expanded annunciator messages to the system.
• Required to program Valve Proving and Post Purge feature on selected 7800 Series devices.
• Can be setup for ModBus Communication.
• Provides burner controller data.
• Remote reset.
• Report generation.

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Cat #Comments
S7800A1142English Language, capable of displaying special “Call Service” messages, allows setup of S7830A1005 Expanded Annunciator messages, used for VPS programming, and programming Post Purge on select 7800 devices
Application: Keyboard Display for VP setup
Dimensions, Approximate: 4 27/32 in. wide x 2 29/32 in. high x 29/32
in. deep (123 mm wide x 73 mm high x 23 mm deep)
Ambient Temperature Range: -40 F to +140 F (-40 C to +60 C)
Vibration: 0.5 G environment
Voltage: 13 Vdc peak full wave rectified (+20/-15%)
Weight: 4 oz (0.11 kg)
Canadian Standards Association: Certified, File No. LR95329-3
Federal Communications Commission: FCC Part 15, Class B, Emissions
Factory Mutual: Report No. 1V9AO.AF
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Component Recognized, File No. MP268; Guide No. MCCZ

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