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Honeywell Q340 Universal 30 mV Thermocouple

Universal 30 mV Thermocouple

Thermocouples generate a thermoelectric current that senses a pilot flame on gas-fired heating systems. The pilot flame heats the tip of the thermocouple, producing a temperature differential between it and the base. This temperature difference generates a small amount of DC power, measured in millivolts.

• Push-in clip, split nut, and adapter assembly for easy pilot burner installation.
• Spade or quick-connect terminals available for millivolt gas control connections.
• Male nut connector for Pilotstat™ safety control power units.
• Available in a variety of lead lengths.

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Cat #Includes(inch)(mm)Connection TypeResistance
Q340A1066Adapter and Push In Clip18 in.457 mm11/32 32 Male Connector Nut0.02 ohm
Q340A1074Adapter and Push In Clip24 in.610 mm11/32 32 Male Connector Nut0.02 ohm
Q340A1082Adapter and Push In Clip30 in.762 mm11/32 32 Male Connector Nut0.02 ohm
Q340A1090Adapter and Push In Clip36 in.914 mm11/32 32 Male Connector Nut0.02 ohm
Q340A1108Adapter and Push In Clip48 in.1219 mm11/32 32 Male Connector Nut0.03 ohm
Open Circuit Output 26 mV to 32 mV
Voltage 30 mV
Temperature Ratings Cold Junction 780 F (416 C)
Temperature Ratings Hot Junction 1400 F (760 C)

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