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Honeywell MZV Motorized Zone Valves

Motorized Zone Valves

Honeywell MZV Series is the first linear zone valve with a built-in balancing plug that permits pre-balancing for each zone.

• Rack and pinion linear design.
• Fast acting, 10 seconds to open, 5 seconds to close.
• Two piece rack design to extend service life.
• Low power consumption, 8 valves, 40 VA transformer.
• External valve position indicator.
• Quiet operation, no water hammer.
• Built-in tamper resistant balancing valve for pre-balancing.
• High torque, constant speed synchronous motor.
• Cooler running, longer life motor.
• Operator can be replaced without draining system.
• Manual opening feature.
• Replaceable valve cartridge.
• Large adjustable flow, 1/2 in. 3/4 in. Cv 5.8; 1 in. 7.0 Cv; 1-1/4 in. Cv7.0.
• Motor CSA recognized.
• 4 wire operator with auxiliary switch.
• 2 wire without switch, 24 in. leads.
• Compatible with programmable thermostats.
• Bronze casting; brass/stainless trim.
• USA Patent Nos. 5,529,282; D369,650; 5,941,500; 6,032,924.
• UK Patent No. 2,052,382. 24 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.25 ampere.

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Cat #Connection TypePipe Size(inches)Maximum Water Pressure psi
MZV524-TNPT1/2 in.125 psi
MZV524E-TNPT1/2 in.125 psi
MZV525Sweat3/4 in.125 psi
MZV525-TNPT3/4 in.125 psi
MZV525E-3/4 in.125 psi
MZV525E-TNPT3/4 in.125 psi
MZV526-1 in.125 psi
MZV526-TNPT1 in.125 psi
MZV526ESweat1 in.125 psi
MZV526E-TNPT1 in.125 psi
Body Pattern: Two-way

24 Vac

Frequency: 60 Hz
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 125 F (52 C)

Residential or Commercial Zoning for hot water heating or chilled water air conditioning systems, fan coil units or indirect water heater service.

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