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Honeywell HP970 Pneumatic Humidistat

Pneumatic Humidistat

Two-pipe, single setpoint, pneumatic humidistat used to provide proportional control of pneumatic valves on humidification or dehumidification systems.

• Durable HP970 series humidistat.
• Pilot operated for high capacity.
• Direct Acting (DA) and Reverse Acting (RA) models are available.
• Vertical or horizontal mounting.
• Backplate has molded air connections; no separate fittings needed.
• Variety of cover finishes and display styles available.

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Cat #CommentsSetpointActionNumber of PipesScale Range % RHThrottling Range (% RH)
HP970A1009Order Cover SeparatelySingleDirect Acting215 to 75% RH3 to 15% RH
HP970B1007Order Cover SeparatelySingleReverse Acting215 to 75% RH3 to 15% RH
HP970B1015Order Cover SeparatelySingleReverse Acting265 to 95% RH3 to 15% RH

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