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Honeywell C7100 Averaging Duct Temperature Sensor

Averaging Duct Temperature Sensor

Averaging Duct Temperature Sensors are used to sense temperature in discharge duct.

• Use to troubleshoot system operation.
• Platinum positive temperature coefficient sensor.
• Factory calibrated; no settings or field calibration required.

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Cat #Used WithDescriptionsSensor TypeInsertion Length
C7100D1001Excel 500, T775 Series 2000PT1000 Platinum Averaging Discharge Air SensorPT1000, 1097 ohms @ 77 F PTC13 in.
Application: Averaging Duct Temperature Sensors
Dimensions, Approximate: 1 13/16 in. high x 1 13/16 in. wide x 13 1/4 in. deep (46 mm high x 46 mm wide x 336 mm deep)
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 250 F (121 C)
Operating Temperature Range: 40 F to 220 F (4 C to 104 C)
Shipping Temperature Range: -30 F to +150 F (-34 C to +66 C)
Mounting: Discharge Duct
Comments: Recessed 1/4 in. (6 mm) quick-connect terminals. 3/4 in. (19 mm) diameter sensor probe.

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