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GE Series 90*-30 PLCs

Series 90*-30 PLCs

The Series 90-30 PLCs are a family of controllers, I/O systems and specialty modules designed to meet the demand for versatile industrial solutions. With a single overall control architecture and modular design, the Series 90-30 has been the PLC of record in over 200,000 applications, such as high speed packaging, material handling, complex motion control, water treatment, continuous emissions monitoring, mining, food processing, elevator control, injection molding, and many more.

One reason for the versatility of the Series 90-30 is the large variety of discrete and analog I/O modules (over 100 modules), as well as specialty modules, that are available. In addition, GE Fanuc offers a wide range of high-level communication options, from a simple serial connection to a high-speed Ethernet interface and a number of bus modules.

Proficy* Machine Edition
Proficy Machine Edition is an advanced software environment for the development and maintenance of machine level automation. Visualization, motion control, and execution logic are developed with a single programmer.

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