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GE Motion Control (High Speed Counting) Motion Control (High Speed Counting)

Motion Control (High Speed Counting)
Motion Control (High Speed Counting)

The High Speed Counters can be used for a wide range of applications. The following types are supported.
Type A - Up or Down-Independent Pulse-4 counters
Type B - Both Directions-A QUAD B Encoder Inputs-2 Counters
Type C - Difference Between 2 changing values-A QUAD B Encoder Inputs -1 Counter
Type D - provides homing capability with count inputs and a Home Marker input. In A quad B mode, the counter detects quadrature errors
Type E - Pre-defined Counter Type that occupies two of the module’s internal counters, primarily a down counter, but can handle up counts to account for A quad B jitter
Type E counter counts down to zero, it uses a second counter block to turn on a dedicated output for a configurable time. Type E can be set up for sequenced strobing, which links all four strobes on so that they are all triggered by strobe input 1
Type Z - Two regular Clock inputs, a software controlled Preload and a special Clock Input Z. The Z input triggers a store of the Accumulator value to the Strobe 1 register. After the store, the counter can optionally reset the Accumulator to 0. It can then either restart immediately or after wait until the Clock Input Z is no longer set User-Defined Counter Type - Create a customized counter type by selecting High-Speed Counter features that are suited to the application. This counter type provides a Clear input that can be used to immediately reset the Accumulator to the starting value.

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Cat #Product Name
IC695HSC304PACSystems RX3i High Speed Counter
IC695HSC308PACSystems RX3i High Speed Counter
IC694APU300PACSystems RX3i High Speed Counter
IC693APU305PACSystems RX3i I/O Processor Module

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