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Expansion Racks
Expansion Racks

VME Expansion Racks are available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your application. The choices vary from 5- and 9-slot Standard Racks to 17-slot VME Integrator Racks, each giving you the option of Front (Rack) Mount or Rear (Panel) Mount. These racks can be used for CPU, local and remote I/O and accept all plug-in IC697 Power Supplies. With available accessories, two racks can be run off a single Power Supply. GE Fanuc offers standard-length cables for easy installation and provides wiring information for custom applications.

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Cat #Product Name
IC697CHS750Standard Series 90-70 Expansion Rack, 5-slot, Rear (Panel) Mount
IC697CHS790Standard Series 90-70 Expansion Rack, 9-slot, Rear (Panel) Mount
IC697CHS791Standard Series 90-70 Expansion Rack, 9-slot, Front (Rack) Mount
IC697CHS782VME Integrator Expansion Rack, 17-slot, Rear (Panel) Mount
IC697CHS783VME Integrator Expansion Rack, 17-slot, Front (Rack) Mount

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