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GE Discrete I/O Models (Input) Discrete I/O Modules (Input)

Discrete I/O Modules (Input)
Discrete I/O Models (Input)

PACSystems and Series 90-70 input modules provide the interface between the controller and external input devices such as proximity sensors, push buttons, switches, and BCD thumbwheels. Output modules provide the interface between the
controller and external output devices such as contactors, interposing relays, BCD displays and indicator lamps. GE Fanuc offers a variety of modules that support different voltage ranges and types, current capacity, isolation and response time to meet your application needs.

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Cat #Product Name
IC697MDL252Input 12 VAC
IC697MDL253Input 24 VAC
IC697MDL254Input 48 VAC
IC697MDL250Input 120 VAC
IC697MDL240Input 120 VAC (Isolated)
IC697MDL251Input 120 VAC (non-isolated)
IC697MDL241Input 240 VAC (Isolated)
IC697MDL653Input 24 VDC Positive/Negative Logic
IC697MDL652Input 12 VDC Positive/Negative Logic
IC697MDL654Input 48 VDC Positive/Negative Logic
IC697MDL640Input 125 VDC Positive/Negative Logic
IC697MDL651Input TTL
IC697MDL671Interrupt Input (14 Interrupt Points, 2 Configurable Points)
IC697VDD10064-Channel Isolated Digital Input Board with Multifunctional Intelligent Controller

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