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The high-performance CPU is based on the latest technology processor with fast computation and high throughput. The controller can manage up to 32K of I/O in a number of standard languages. The powerful CPU enables complex applications to be easily solved with its 300Mhz processor and 10Mbytes of user memory. The RX3i supports multiple IEC languages and C programming to give you program flexibility. The RX3i increases machine cycle times, reduces downtime with its extensive diagnostics and hot swap capability, and enables you to store large amounts of data to reduce external hardware cost.
The CMU310 is a High Availability redundant CPU that is configured using the MaxON software. The CMU310 has the same functionality as the CPU310. Synchronization of the CMU310s is via an Ethernet link.

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Cat #Product Name
IC695CPU310PACSystems RX3i CPU with two built-in serial ports
IC695CPU320PACSystems RX3i CPU with two built-in serial ports
IC695CMU310PACSystems RX3i Redundant High Availability CPU with two built-in serial ports

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