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GE Analog I/O Models (Output) Analog I/O Modules (Output)

Analog I/O Modules (Output)
Analog I/O Models (Output)

GE Fanuc offers easy-to-use analog modules for control processes such as flow, temperature and pressure.

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Cat #Product Name
IC695ALG704PACSystems RX3i Analog Output, Current/Voltage, 4 Channel
IC695ALG708PACSystems RX3i Analog Output, Current/Voltage, 8 Channel
IC695ALG728PACSystems RX3i Analog Output with HART Communications, Current/Voltage, 8 Channel
IC695ALG808PACSystems RX3i Isolated Analog Output, Current/Voltage, 8 Isolated Channels
IC694ALG390PACSystems RX3i Analog Output,Voltage, 2 Channel
IC694ALG391PACSystems RX3i Analog Output, Current, 2 Channel
IC694ALG392PACSystems RX3i Analog Output, Current/Voltage, 8 Channel
IC694ALG442PACSystems RX3i Analog Current/Voltage Combination 4 Channel In/2 Channel Out
HE693DAC410Isolated Analog Output Module, Voltage
HE693DAC420Isolated Analog Output Module, Current

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