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Honeywell T921 Proportional Thermostats

Proportional Thermostats

Proportional Thermostats provide low voltage, 3-wire control for valve motors, damper motors, and balancing relays in heating or cooling system applications.

• Bellows element adjusts potentiometer slider to regulate motor operation.
• Removable setting knob prevents unauthorized tampering with setpoint.

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Cat #IncludesSetpoint Temperature RangeOutput SignalProt Note
T921A1191Tradeline model which includes slotted sides and an add-on faceplate to allow thermostat to be mounted horizontally.56 F to 84 F135 Ohm potentiometer*
T921G1005-56 F to 84 F135 Ohm potentiometer-
Dimensions, Approximate: 5 11/16 in. high x 3 3/8 in. wide x 2 1/4 in.
deep (144 mm high x 86 mm wide x 58 mm deep)
Mounting: Wall mount
Throttling Range: 2.5 F (1.4 C)

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