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Dwyer Dual Scale English/Metric Models Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauge

Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauge
Dual Scale English/Metric Models

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Cat #Range, In W.C.Range,Pa or kPa
2000-OOD†••0-.250-62 Pa
2000-OD†•0-0.50-125 Pa
2001D0-1.00-250 Pa
2002D0-2.00-250 Pa
2003D0-3.00-750 Pa
2004D0-4.00-1.0 kPa
2005D0-5.00-1.25 kPa
2006D0-6.00-1.5 kPa
2008D0-8.00-2.0 kPa
2010D0-100-2.5 kPa
2015D0-150-3.7 kPa
2020D0-200-5 kPa
2025D0-250-6.2 kPa
2050D0-500-12.4 kPa
2060D0-600-15 kPa

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