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Dwyer Dual Scale Air Velocity Units Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauge

Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauge
Dual Scale Air Velocity Units

Bezel provides flange for flush mounting in panel. Clear plastic face is highly resistant to breakage. Provides undistorted viewing of pointer and scale.

Bezel provides flange for flush mounting in panel
Clear plastic face is highly resistant to breakage and provides undistorted viewing of pointer and scale
Precision litho-printed scale is accurate and easy to read.
Red tipped pointer of heat treated aluminum tubing is easy to see. It is rigidly mounted on the helix shaft.
Pointer stops of molded rubber prevent pointer over-travel without damage.
"Wishbone" assembly provides mounting for helix, helix bearings and pointer shaft.
Jeweled bearings are shock-resistant mounted; provide virtually friction-free motion for helix. Motion damped with high viscosity silicone fluid.
Zero adjustment screw is conveniently located in the plastic cover, and is accessible without removing the cover. O-ring seal provides pressure tightness.
Helix is precision made from an alloy of high magnetic permeability. Mounted in jeweled bearings, it turns freely, following the magnetic field to move the pointer across the scale.
Calibrated range spring is flat spring steel. Small amplitude of motion assures consistency and long life. It reacts to pressure on diaphragm. Live length adjustable for calibration.
Silicone rubber diaphragm with integrally molded O-ring is supported by front and rear plates. It is locked and sealed in position with a sealing plate and retaining ring. Diaphragm motion is restricted to prevent damage due to overpressures.
Die cast aluminum case is precision made and iridite-dipped to withstand 168 hour salt spray corrosion test. Exterior finished in baked dark gray hammerloid. One case size is used for all standard pressure options, and for both surface and flush mounting.
Blowout plug is comprised of a rubber plug on the rear which functions as a relief valve by unseating and venting the gage interior when over pressure reaches approximately 25 psig (1.7 bar). To provide a free path for pressure relief, there are four spacer pads which maintain 0.023" clearance when gage is surface mounted. Do not obstruct the gap created by these pads. The blowout plug is not used on models above 180" of water pressure, medium or high pressure models, or on gages which require an elastomer other than silicone for the diaphragm. The blowout plug should not be used as a system overpressure control. High supply pressures may still cause the gage to fail due to over pressurization, resulting in property damage or serious injury. Good engineering practices should be utilized to prevent your system from exceeding the ratings or any component.
O-ring seal for cover assures pressure integrity of case.
Samarium Cobalt magnet mounted at one end of range spring rotates helix without mechanical linkages.

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Cat #TypeRange in W.C./Velocity F.P.M.
2000-00AV†••Dual Scale Air Velocity Units For use with pitot tube0-.25/300-2000
2000-0AV†•Dual Scale Air Velocity Units For use with pitot tube0-.50/500-2800
2001AVDual Scale Air Velocity Units For use with pitot tube0-1.0/500-4000
2002AVDual Scale Air Velocity Units For use with pitot tube0-2.0/1000-5600
2005AVDual Scale Air Velocity Units For use with pitot tube0-5.0/2000-8800
2010AVDual Scale Air Velocity Units For use with pitot tube0-10/2000-12500

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