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Field Mount Status Relay (H120, H120NC) Field Mount Status Relay

Field Mount Status Relay
Field Mount Status Relay (H120, H120NC)

The H120/H120NC offer a fixed current switch and SPST relay in a single externally mounted housing. Combining the current sensor and relay in one easy-to-install package eliminates the need to fit multiple devices into small electrical enclosures and simplifies the installation. Eliminate the labor associated with installing a separate current sensor.

Sleek combination enclosed relay and current switch saves installation time and space
• The current switch and relay are in series... connect the contacts to the load and your current switch is automatically installed
• The nipple mount housing can be connected to any 1/2 conduit knockout for installation versatility
• Relay coil LED streamlines job commissioning and check out
• HP ratings make the H120 ideal for control and status of fractional HP motors
• 5-year limited warranty
• NEMA 1 rated housing may be used in plenum spaces
• Can be externally mounted to the electrical enclosure...space saver Super-low turn-on for the smallest of loads
• 0.1A turn-on...easily monitors the smallest motors

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Cat #RelaysTRIP POINTAMPERAGE RANGEStatus Output (max.)HousingRelay Power LedCoil
H120SPST, N.O.0.1A or less0.1A - 20AN.O. 100mA@30VAC/DCNipple Mount24VAC/DC
H120NCSPST, N.O.0.1A or less0.1A - 20AN.O. 100mA@30VAC/DCNipple Mount24VAC/DC
Sensor Power :
Induced from monitored conductor
Operating Temperature: -15° to 60°C (5° to 140°F) (13.8A max.), -15° to 50°C (5° to 122°F) (20A max.
Operating Humidity: 10-90% RH, non-condensing
Expected Relay Life (mechanical): 10 million cycles
Relay Status: LED ON=energized
Wire Specifications:
Lead Length: 14”(356mm) min.
Gauge: UL1015; Coil: 18AWG; Contacts: 12AWG; Status: 16AWG
Agency Approvals: UL 508 enclosed device listing

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