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Adjustable Trip Point (H308... H908) Current Switches: Adjustable Trip Point, Standard Output

Current Switches: Adjustable Trip Point, Standard Output
Adjustable Trip Point (H308... H908)

Hx08 Series and H701 current switches offer high performance, with a wide array of amperage range options. These products can accurately detect belt loss, coupling shear, or other mechanical failure on loads from 1/5 to 100HP.
• Detecting belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure
• Verifying lighting circuit and other electrical service run times
• Monitoring status of industrial process equipment
• Monitoring status of critical motors (compressor, fuel, etc.)

High performance devices in split- and solid-core housings
• Minimum trip point as low as 0.5A (H608)... eliminates the need for multiple wraps of the conductor through the sensor even on loads as small as 1/5HP
• Small size...fits easily inside small enclosures
• Self-gripping iris on the split-core housing for easy installation
• Status LEDs for easy setup and local indication (no LED on the H701)
• Bracket on H908 can be installed in three different configurations
• 1 Amp status output for increased application flexibility
• All devices are 100% solid state and polarity insensitive, with a 5-year warranty

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Cat #AMPERAGE RANGEStatus Output (max.)HousingRoHSMin. Trip PointStatus Led
H3080.75 - 50AN.O. 1.0A@30VAC/DCSplit-Core0.75A or less
H6080.50 - 175AN.O. 1.0A@30VAC/DCSplit-Core0.5A or less
H7011 - 135AN.O. 1.0A@30VAC/DCSolid-core1.0A or less
H7081 - 135AN.O. 1.0A@30VAC/DCSolid-core1.0A or less
H8080.75 - 50AN.O. 1.0A@30VAC/DCSolid-core0.75A or less
H9082.5 - 135AN.O. 1.0A@30VAC/DCSplit-Core2.5A or less
Sensor Power :
Induced from monitored conductor
Insulation Class: 600VAC RMS (UL), 300VAC RMS (CE)
Frequency Range:
50/60 Hz
Temperature Range: -15° to 60°C (5° to 140°F)
Humidity Range: 10-90% RH, non-condensing
Hysteresis: 10% (typical)
Terminal Block Maximum Wire Size: 14 AWG (16 AWG for H308)
Terminal Block Torque (nominal): 4 in-lbs (7 in-lbs for H308)
Agency Approvals: UL 508 open device listing
CE: EN61010-1:2001-02, CAT III, deg. 2, basic insulation

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