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Poteau Panel Shop Replacement Back Panels Versatile Industrial Control Cabinets

Versatile Industrial Control Cabinets
Replacement Back Panels

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Cat #Weight lbs.DimensionsX-ref to JCI discontinued#
VC-1812-BP2.516.5” x 10.5”M-8120-1218
VC-2418-BP5.022.5” x 16.5”M-8120-1824
VC-2424-BP6.722.5” x 22.5”M-8120-2424
VC-3024-BP8.328.5” x 22.5”M-8120-2430
VC-3624-BP10.034.5” x 22.5”M-8120-2436
VC-4230-BP14.640.5” x 28.5”M-8120-3042
VC-4836-BP20.046.5” x 34.5”M-8120-3648
VC-2020-BP4.117.5” x 17.5”ENC-1000-114

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