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The DCP control panel is designed to provide a convenient method of surface mounting and protecting either pneumatic or electrical control devices.

The ease of wall mounting, plus a removable subpanel on which the control devices are mounted, permits installation of the cabinet during construction and mounting of the finished subpanel at the required time.

The cabinet may be either a left or right hand door opening without additional hardware. Two or more cabinets may be mounted side by side or over and under to handle specific requirements. This eliminates the need for large, heavy-to-handle single panels. To join individual cabinets, remove the knockouts and fasten with the appropriate fittings and lock nuts. This provides a neat and flexible installation. Each side of the cabinet has convenient knockouts for rigid, soft, or flexible tubing or electrical equipment connections.

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Cat #Dimensions(Inches)
ICD-PAN 12x1212x12
ICD-PAN 14x1214x12
ICD-PAN 16x1216x12
ICD-PAN 16x1816x18
ICD-PAN 20x2420x24
ICD-PAN 24x3624x36
Cabinet: Nema 1; 16ga. steel (DCP-24-UL-X; 14ga)
Subpanel: Steel Perforated 1/8”, 2” on center
Knockouts: Provided on all four sides of cabinet
Finish: Fine texture powder paint; specify color
Mounting: Keyhole Surface Mounting
Approx Shipping Weights: DCP-16-X: 23 lbs.
DCP-20-X: 36 lbs.
DCP-24-X: 59 lbs.
DCP-24-UL-X: 75 lbs.

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