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Careers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, the unexcelled sports city,
is the perfect place to excel in a career with

Industrial Controls!

While it has come to be known as a college town, Pittsburgh loves its sports more than anything, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether its high school, collegiate, or professional. If it’s competitive, Pittsburgh wants to hear it, watch it, or attend it. What makes this beautiful city the land of dyed-in-the-wool sports nuts? Perhaps it’s in the nature of people whose city grew up as a rough-and-tumble steel town. Maybe it’s genetic. But whatever it is, this 250-year-old city pulses with the excitement of rivalry. At the same time, it offers business and cultural opportunities that compare favorably to any thriving metropolitan area.

In a suburb of the “Most Livable City in America” is the Pittsburgh office of Industrial Controls. On average, our employees spend just 25 minutes commuting to and from work. Once they arrive at the office. they enjoy an environment that combines experience and technical expertise with a great team-oriented attitude. That makes our Pittsburgh branch an excellent place to enjoy a long and satisfying career. So, check out the link below to see what Industrial Controls Pittsburgh can offer you, and join our gang of Steeler-loving, Primanti-Bros-sandwich-eating, three-river-city-dwelling employees!

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