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Careers in New York City

Once you make it here,
You won’t want to go anywhere else!

Industrial Controls, NYC!

New York City is the capitol of the world! No one calls it that, but everyone knows it’s the truth. It is the city with everything. The most urbane residents. The best pizza. The best bagels. The best steaks. The grandest museums. The highest fashion. The major financial markets. The seat of commerce. The most beautiful buildings. Who in the world has never heard of Times Square? Or The Great White Way? New York is the top, the destination, and our nation’s front door to freedom.

Yes, New York has the best of everything. Including best career choices available anywhere. Did we mention that Industrial Controls has an office located at the very core of The Big Apple? We do, and it’s in Midtown, just two blocks from Penn Station. The branch features a training room, pick-up counter, and even a warehouse. The people that call our NYC office home are pretty much like the city itself, fast-paced and efficient. And you could become a part of this dynamic environment. If working in the largest industrial market in the world sounds like the place you’d like to take advantage of, check out the job opportunities below and apply for the position that matches your skills.


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