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Careers in Louisville

In the world of employment opportunity, the race belongs not to the swift, but to the smart!

Think Industrial Controls!

Louisville (usually pronounced “Lew-uh-ville”) is KY’s largest city, and the 17th largest in the country. The settlement that became the City of Louisville was founded in 1778 and named in honor of King Louis XVI of France. Famous as the home for the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is also famous for “old money,” old bourbon, and old traditions. It is also a beautiful city that is thoroughly modern and on the go!

The Louisville branch of Industrial Controls is located just a few miles from the home of the KD, Churchill Downs Racetrack. The branch is described by its employees as “a wonderful working environment,” and the office has made quite a name for itself for providing exceptional service to area industry. It’s an exciting time for Louisville, and for Industrial Controls. To bring your skills and talents to the race, check out the following job postings and apply.

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