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Careers in Boston

Don’t think of it as a career in historic Boston
think of it as a career with

Industrial Controls!

Boston, the capital and most populous city of Massachusetts, is also the birthplace of both America and American education. Here is where, in 1773, a certain “tea party” took place, and where nearby was fired “the shot heard ‘round the world” in 1775.  Here is where America's first public school was founded in 1635, and it is in Boston that our nation’s first college, Harvard, was founded just a year later.

While Boston’s place in history is assured, today the city is alive with different activities. The Red Sox, Celtics, Pats, and Bruins are revered by fans, Newbury Street’s famous window shopping beckons, the brownstones that line the city’s streets demand their photos be taken, and the old-town splendor of Harvard Square can not be resisted.

Industrial Controls’ Boston branch lies in Stoughton, just outside the city’s hubbub. And just because an area is known for its history doesn’t mean technology isn’t playing its part; it is, and Industrial Controls is using it and our expertise to ensure that the citizens of Bean Town remain comfortable, safe, and secure. Our office offers a sales department, warehouse, customer pick-up counter, and a customer/employee training facility. To become a part of this knowledgeable and trusted team, apply to one of the positions below!

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