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Temperature Transmitters


Loop powered DIN B Form RTD and thermocouple temperature transmitters for head mounting. Model T51 and T55 transmitters carry FM, CE, and CSA approvals allowing installation and use in a variety of applications.

Models T51 and T55 are easily programmed with a PC using the TP05 Interface...

TL21 and TL01

For nearly a quarter century the Model TL transmitter has been diligently monitoring and controlling temperature in processes where accuracy, stability, and repeatability are of paramount importance to product quality, efficiency and/or safety. Calibration of the device is easily accomplished...


The WVSeries from Eurotherm Action Instruments is an exciting new line of isolating signal conditioners. This new line provides features never before found in traditional signal conditioners. The WV Series has greater input and output accuracy than most signal conditioners on the market today....


The Ultra SlimPak II is an exciting new line of isolating signal conditioners from Action Instruments with greater accuracy and better stability than virtually any other signal conditioners on the market today. The Ultra SlimPak II features Smart Power, which eliminates wasted power for low loop...


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