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VersaMax I/O and Control

Network Interface Modules

Network Interface Modules allow a VersaMax PLC to operate as a master or slave on a network. Modules currently available support DeviceNet master or slave communications and Profibus-DP slave communications. An AS-i master communications is also available.

Power Supplies

VersaMax Power Supply modules snap onto any VersaMax CPU or Network Interface Unit or onto a power supply booster carrier. Each power supply can be used as the main power source for modules in the I/O station, or as a source of supplemental power for larger I/O applications.

Remote I/O Units

A Remote I/O Unit connects VersaMax I/O modules to a host PLC or computer via a variety of networks, which makes it easy to include VersaMax I/O in Genius, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, or Ethernet installations. Together, the Remote I/O Unit and its modules form an I/O station capable of providing up...

RTD and Thermocouple Modules

Specialty modules are available for RTD and Thermocouple inputs. Modules require a carrier base (IC200CHSxxx).).

Serial Communications

The serial communications expansion module provides a Modbus Master port for a Genius NIU remote I/O drop. The serial port can be used to interface with a wide range of Modbus slave devices such as controllers, VFDs, bar code readers, marques and much more. The data is transferred to and from...

Specialty Modules

Discrete mixed modules provide maximum flexibility by combining inputs and outputs in a single, compact module. Discrete input modules receive signals from input devices such as sensors, pushbuttons, and switches that can have two states: on or off, open or closed. Discrete output modules send...


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