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Genius Distributed I/O

Genius Distributed I/O
AC Discrete I/O Modules
Control power for the block is tapped off the input/output device voltages wired to the terminals. No separate block power supply is needed. Configurable features include; Output Pulse Test capability, Selectable Input Filter Time from 10mS to 100mS, Output powerup defaults, Output Hold Last State or default, each circuit has electronic fusing.
Analog Input Modules
Genius Analog Input blocks provide 6 channels of current inputs with powerful diagnostics.
Analog Mixed Modules
Genius Analog Mixed blocks provide 4 channels of inputs and 2 channels of outputs. The channels can be configured for current or voltage with powerful diagnostics.
Analog Output Modules
Genius Analog Output blocks provide 6 channels of current and voltage outputs with powerful diagnostics.
DC Discrete I/O Modules
Genius DC Discrete I/O blocks interface to a wide range of input devices, including both 2–wire and 3–wire electronic proximity switches. Outputs may be low–power control and indicating devices such as relays, contactors, and lamps. These blocks have identical discrete I/O circuits, each easily configured to be an input or an output. Output...
High Speed Counter
The Genius I/O High-speed Counter block is a self-contained, configurable I/O module which provides direct processing of rapid pulse signals up to 200kHz.
RTD and Thermocouple Modules
Genius Temperature Sensor blocks support a wide range of temperature sensors. The blocks support powerful diagnostics.