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192 HC

Providing proportional single output, dual setpoint with 2-pipe for high air capacity pneumatic room temperature control, the 192 HC Powerstar Heating/Cooling Pneumatic Room Thermostat provides two thermostats under one cover; one side for heating and the other for cooling. Switchover is...


The 188 Unit Mounted Thermostat is a gradual acting thermostat with a remote bulb operating on the forcebalance principle, using pneumatic feedback to obtain linearity and maintain selected room temperature by positioning pneumatic devices to control heating or cooling.

192 DN/DNV

Providing proportional dual setpoint, 2-pipe or 3-pipe high air capacity pneumatic room temperature control, the 192 DN or DNV Powerstar Pneumatic Room Thermostat automatically resets the room temperature setpoint during unoccupied hours by changing the air pressure to the thermostat. A manual...

193 HC

Providing proportional, single output, dual setpoint, 2-pipe pneumatic room temperature control, the 193 HC Powerstar (Hesitation) Free Energy Band Heating/Cooling Pneumatic Room Thermostat is designed to sequence a heating device or a cooling device. The hesitation feature keeps the output...

193 HC

Providing proportional, dual output, dual setpoint, 2-pipe (dual 1-pipe low air capacity) or 3-pipe (dual 2-pipe high air capacity) pneumatic room temperature control, the 193 HC Powerstar Free Energy Band Pneumatic Room Thermostat creates a deadband so that no heating or cooling occurs during...

2211 through 2218 Series

These pneumatic room thermostats are designed for proportional temperature control of pneumatic valves and damper actuators to maintain room air temperatures in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.


The 356 Limitem Rigid Bulb Thermostat is a pneumatically operated, duct-mounted thermostat, which is available in either direct or reverse acting in a variety of ranges.

357 D

The 357 D Limitem Remote Bulb Thermostat is a pneumatically-operated thermostat that is gradual, direct acting with a remote or averaging bulb.


The single setpoint, direct acting thermostat provides gradual acting pneumatic room temperature control for heating and cooling applications. The 832 D Thermostat is ruggedly constructed for dependable, long-term service.




These thermostats are designed for proportional control of pneumatic valve and damper actuators used in HVAC systems. A highly sensitive bimetal element with feedback is used for accuracy and stability. An external restrictor is required in the supply line. Select the model for direct or reverse...


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