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Temperature Sensors


Primary electronic temperature sensor for the R7380J,L, W7100 and W7505 load inputs for immersion, strap-on and duct mounting.


The C7750A is a direct wired temperature sensor that is used to sense discharge or return air in a duct that may be controlled by an Excel 10 Controller. The C7750A Sensor consists of a temperature sensitive 20K ohm thermistor that is connected on a circuit board to two linearizing resistors in...


Direct wired temperature sensor used to sense discharge or return air temperature in a duct controlled by an Excel 10 Series 2000 Controller.


The C7772 series of wallplate Temperature Sensors are designed to be used with the Excel 5000 family and other Honeywell controllers. The C7772 sensors provide a resistive output signal proportional to sensed room or space temperature. The C7772 is well suited for low profile wall mounted...

Powers Style Room Units

Bi-Metal Indicator

An optional Bi-Metal Indicator can display room temperature; accurate to ±1 °F. The display is protected by a view plate and comes standard with a 50 to 80 °F
Legend. This legend is printed in dark brown on a tan background.

PreCon Style Room Units


A 3-position switch allows limited control over the zone’s Setpoint. In the center position, the Setpoint is at the system default. If the switch is moved to the left or right, the Setpoint is decreased or increased by a system defined amount.



The T7022 Remote Temperature Sensor is a non-adjustable thermistor sensor. Its primary use is with the T7300 Programmable Commercial Thermostat (only in return air) to control heating or cooling equipment.


The T7047 Electronic Thermostats, Remote Space Sensors are used with T7300 thermostats and W973 controller to provide modulating space temperature control.


For use with T7300/Q7300 Thermostat system to provide space temperature sensing, and switch initiation and indication of overrides from remote location.


Temperature sensors for use with Excel 10 Series 1000 Controllers. The T7750 Wall Modules provide the following additional combination of options to the customer: analog setpoint input and for models used with Excel 10 Controllers, override (bypass) digital input contact, LED status indicator...


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