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Electrical Panel Meters


These meters feature extra-wide scales, big bold numerals above the scale and divisions for unobstructed reading. Tapered needle-sharp pointers and shadow-free acrylic covers help to pinpoint values. Available in taut band and pivot and jewel types. Gasket sealer gives New Big Look dust and...


These meters possess the same precision qualities as New Big Look. In addition, Horizon Line panel meters can be front or rear mounted on panel.


Available in Window mount or Surface mount styles. Optional bezels for Surface mount permit rear panel mounting. Standard movement torque to weight ratio is approximately 4 times greater than most other manufacturer’s high torque versions.

Type 185

Completely shielded case. No special calibration required for panel material — Dust-tight cases — Stack mounting of meters is possible with all sides of meter case flush — Optional bezel and mounting bracket for 1- or 3-unit stack — Zero regulator provided in rear of case.

NOTE: Mounting hardware is not included.

DC Meters ±2% of full scale. AC rectifier type ±3% (60 Hertz sine wave at 25ºC).

Voltmeter — 50% momentary. 20% sustained. Ammeter — 900% momentary. 20% sustained.

Scale Data:
53 degrees rotation. Length — 1.785 . Insulation Level: 1800 VRMS Hi-pot.

Response Time: 
  3 seconds (max.) for microammeters;
  2 seconds (max.) for all other DC ratings; and
  2.5 seconds (max.) for AC ratings. Overshoot: Maximum of 40%.

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