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The CA71 lets you handle regular tests on TCs, RTDs and various other types of sensors and instruments, as well as operation checks when a problem has occurred. By itself it can source signals for input to equipment, and check output signal from equipment. With the CA71, you don't need to worry...

DC Ratings

Completely shielded case. No special calibration required for panel material.

Elapsed Time Meters

• Back-of-panel model
• 2¹⁄ ₂” and 3¹⁄ ₂” New Big Look models
• 2¹⁄ ₂” and 3¹⁄ ₂” Round and Square models
• Conduit-case models
• Complete interchangeability physically and electrically with most GE Types 235 and 236 models
• Optional 3 stud mounting is available on 3¹⁄ ₂” New Big Look style 240 meters only

Type 185

Completely shielded case. No special calibration required for panel material — Dust-tight cases — Stack mounting of meters is possible with all sides of meter case flush — Optional bezel and mounting bracket for 1- or 3-unit stack — Zero regulator provided in rear of case.

NOTE: Mounting hardware is not included.

DC Meters ±2% of full scale. AC rectifier type ±3% (60 Hertz sine wave at 25ºC).

Voltmeter — 50% momentary. 20% sustained. Ammeter — 900% momentary. 20% sustained.

Scale Data:
53 degrees rotation. Length — 1.785 . Insulation Level: 1800 VRMS Hi-pot.

Response Time: 
  3 seconds (max.) for microammeters;
  2 seconds (max.) for all other DC ratings; and
  2.5 seconds (max.) for AC ratings. Overshoot: Maximum of 40%.


YPC4000 is a combination Calibrator / HART Communicator that reduces the time spent on field calibrations and the number of test instruments that have to be carried into the field. The YPC4000 Series delivers the versatility of a modular calibrator and the convenience of HART communications in...


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