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The 243 Balance-retard Relay is gradual-acting, pneumatic devices designed to provide special functions such as balancing, signal retard, hesitation, and pressure limiting. 



The 243 Analog Relays are pneumatic auxiliary devices designed to assist the engineer in obtaining specialized control action within a pneumatic control system.



The 243 Switching Relay is a compact three-way air valve that can be used to perform a variety of switching and diverting functions


The 243 Multi-purpose Relay is pneumatic auxiliary devices designed to provide a variety of pneumatic control functions for the typical control system.





A general purpose, electrically operated, two-position three-way valve designed to control air flow, the 265 Three-Way Valve can be used for interlock between an electrical system and a pneumatic control system; available in open frame (yoke) and junction box (splice box) types.


The 356 Limitem Rigid Bulb Thermostat is a pneumatically operated, duct-mounted thermostat, which is available in either direct or reverse acting in a variety of ranges.

357 D

The 357 D Limitem Remote Bulb Thermostat is a pneumatically-operated thermostat that is gradual, direct acting with a remote or averaging bulb.


The 786 Selector Switch is used to deliver or stop the flow of compressed air to selected controllers valves, or dampers in commercial applications. The common port may be connected to two or three ports depending on the switch model.


The single setpoint, direct acting thermostat provides gradual acting pneumatic room temperature control for heating and cooling applications. The 832 D Thermostat is ruggedly constructed for dependable, long-term service.



Flowrite 2-Way

Designed to work with either a pneumatic or electronic actuator with a 3/4-inch (20 mm) stroke, the Flowrite Two-way Globe Valves are available in ANSI Class 250 for Normally Closed or Normally Open action.


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