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Schneider Electric

TP-1011, TP-1031 Series

For proportional temperature control of electric actuated valves, damper actuators, and sequence controllers.

Two-Way Valves
VB-2000 Series

The Schneider Electric VA, VF, and VS-2x13-xxx-9-xx series Ball Valve Assemblies are complete actuator/valve assemblies that accept two-position, floating, or proportional control signals from a DDC system or a thermostat, for control of hot or chilled water, or solutions of up to 50% glycol....

VBB/VBS Series

The Schneider Electric DuraDrive VBB/VBS series ball valves combine a unique, low force valve design with a compact actuator to create an assembly that is faster and easier to install than any other ball valve assembly in the industry. The VBB/VBS series products accept floating and proportional...

VM Series PopTop™

The Schneider Electric Modulating PopTop™ Series valve actuator assemblies are designed for closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. The Modulating PopTop is used to control fluid flow in fan coil units, VAV reheat, unit ventilators, AHUs and radiant applications. The Modulating PopTop...


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