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McDonnell Miller

Series FS4-3T

• For starting or stopping electrically operated equipment such as signal lights, alarms, motors, automatic burners, metering devices and others
• In-line configuration eliminates need for a pipe tee

Series FS5

• For general purpose applications requiring low flow rate sensitivity
• In-line configuration eliminates need for a pipe tee 

Series FS7-4

• Universal design serves the widest variety of large pipe applications, including heating and hydronic systems, air conditioning, refrigeration and process work

Series FS7-4E

• For hazardous environment applications requiring a NEMA 7 (Class I, Group C or D) or NEMA 9 Class II, Group E, F, or G) rated flow switch

Series FS7-4W

• For applications requiring a water-tight, dust-tight or a NEMA 4X rated flow switch 

Series TC-4

• For hot water boilers
• Simplifies ASME CSD-1A. code mandated testing of low water cut-offs by eliminating the need to drain the system


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