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Network Room Modules Ordering Information (Available in North America)
Network Room Modules Ordering Information (Available in North America)
Oil Removal Filters

The combination of coalescing and activated charcoal filters in series removes both oil aerosols and vapors to provide clean, oil free air for pneumatic control systems. These filters have a maximum input pressure rating of 150 PSIG (1050 kPa) and an upper temperature limit of 125°F (52°C).

Oil Reservoir

The A-4000-145 Oil Reservoir provides a means of identifying excess oil pumping (compressor maintenance) as well as water entrainment (air dryer maintenance). If either occurs, replacement of the oil removal elements is required. The oil reservoir also provides a means of collecting the...


The P-3800 Reset Volume Controller regulates the flow of air in Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes. The P-3800 controls the output volume, between adjustable minimum and maximum limits, in response to a reset signal from a thermostat or some other master controller. The P-3800 is available in two...


These pressure controls open or close electrical circuits from a change in operating air pressure. R to Y terminals make (cut-in) on pressure rise.

P32 Series

This differential pressure switch is used to sense pressure/air flow in ducts.


The P352AB Electronic On/Off Pressure Control features SPDT relay output and LED indication. This control is used in conjunction with a pressure transducer and wiring harness. The pressure range is 0 to 600 psig with adjustable differential and offset ranges. The P352AB control can be used as a...

P352P Series

The P352P Electronic Proportional Plus Integral Pressure Control Series has two proportional outputs of 0 to 10 VDC and 0 to 20 mA. Proportional Plus Integral (PI) control is an option to hold setpoint, regardless of load shifts on a system. Two models cover the pressure ranges of 0.5 to 5 in. W...


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