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The A350R Reset Controller is designed to raise or lower the setpoint of supply water temperature based upon a proportionate drop or rise in temperature at the master (outdoor) sensor. The control output is a Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) normally open relay with Light-Emitting Diode (LED)...


The A350S Reset Module is designed to raise or lower the setpoint of supply water or supply air temperature based upon a proportionate change in temperature at the master sensor. The A350S has no relay output and must be used with S350 Stage Modules to operate the equipment. As with all System...

A70 Series

The A70 Series temperature control incorporates a vapor-charged sensing element. The A70G, A70H, and A70K have a 4-wire, 2-circuit contact block that contains two isolated sets of contacts. The contacts are designed so that when the main contact opens, the auxiliary contact closes.

Accessories Model C-2040
Accessories Model C-2220
Accessories Model C-9506

The C-2040 Averaging Cumulator is a low volume output device designed to operate a controlled device or receiver-controller by averaging the output signals of two, three, or four controllers or transmitters. The Cumulator produces an output signal equal to the average of the input signals. Refer...


The C-2220 High-Low Pressure Selector selects and transmits control pressure signals from a group of thermostats or controllers. The selector is available in either high or low volume output modules. The appropriate C-2220 module must be selected to work with either high or low volume...


The C-5222 Adding/Subtracting Repeater is a low volume output auxiliary device designed to increase or decrease the output pressure of a transmitter at a constant ratio. Models are available with a 1:1 or 5:1 ratio. Refer to C-5222 Adding/Subtract Repeater Product Bulletin (LIT-7171425) for...


The C-5226 Pneumatic Signal Transmitter repeats pneumatic transmission signals or selects the higher or lower of two pneumatic signal levels directly from the output of a controller. The C-5226 may also be used as a high or low signal limiter or a differential switchover device. Refer to C-5226...


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