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T-5800 Series

The T-5800 Pneumatic Receiver-Controller is designed for use with remote temperature, humidity, or pressure transmitters that are connected to a control variable (CV) input. The controller provides precise control of pneumatic devices. The T-5800 is capable of providing restricted supply air to...


The T-8000 Bulb Element Thermostat provides proportional, two-position, direct action, or reverse action temperature control.
The T-8000 is designed for applications which require the sensing element to be located where extreme conditions do not permit controller mounting or where...


The T-8020 Immersion Thermostat provides control of liquid temperatures. The T-8020 can function as a proportional, two-position, direct action, or reverse action instrument

T2000 Series

Use the T2000 thermostats for low voltage, Class 2 applications only to control heating, cooling, or year-round air conditioning units in commercial, industrial, or residential installations. Mount the thermostat to a 2 x 4 in. (51 x 102 mm) standard U.S. wallbox (mounting screws are not...

T22 / T25 / T26 Series

For line voltage control of residential, commercial, or industrial heating or year round air conditioning. Heat or cold anticipators are not required. The liquid charged temperature sensing element and highly efficient diaphragm and leverage provide close temperature control.

T23 Series

This line voltage thermostat controls heating, cooling, or combination heating and cooling systems. It operates fan motors, relays, or valves on fan-coil units. All thermostats have a three-speed fan selector switch.

T28 Series

This thermostat controls light duty line voltage fan coil or baseboard valves on heating, cooling, and heating-cooling systems. The thermostat can control one or two valves directly. These thermostats are rated for 120, 208, or 240 VAC at 50 to 60 Hz.

T46 Series

The T46 Series Thermostat is used to control line voltage, fan coil, and heating zone valves on heating, cooling, and combination heating and cooling systems. Models are available with SPST or SPDT contact action for standard duty (nominal 1/4 hp, 6 amp non-inductive) applications. Thermostats...

T58 Series

The thermostats have attractive styling. The snap-acting contacts are of fine silver and will not chatter. One piece installation to a standard vertical outlet box with two captive screws through baseplate. No mounting bracket is required. The temperature setting is changed by sliding the...

T600xxx-3 Series

The T600xxN-3 Series non-programmable and T600xxP-3 Series programmable thermostats are specifically designed for control of single-stage, multi-stage, and heat pump commercial heating and cooling equipment. The T600xxP-3 Series thermostats are also specifically designed for control of rooftop...


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