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The P399 Series Electronic Pressure Transducer is a compact, economical, rugged, direct-mount pressure transducer designed to produce a low voltage analog signal (0.5 to 4.5 VDC nominal ) based on the sensed pressure. They are designed for use in commercial refrigeration and airconditioning...


The R-130 Air Pressure Reducing Valve is designed for use on compressed air systems to reduce the primary air to a desired pressure. A relieving feature reduces the output pressure when the output pressure setting is lowered. Excessive pressure buildup in a regulated pressure system is also...


The R-2080 Booster Relay operates as a pneumatic repeater and volume amplifier. The pilot signal is repeated at its output at a 1:1 ratio. Refer to R-2080 1:1 Booster Relay Product Bulletin (LIT-7171460) for important product information.


The R-3030 Reversing Relay functions as a 1:1 pneumatic inverter, volume amplifier, and inverse sequencer. The R-3030 includes an integral mounting bracket and sheet metal screws for surface mounting. Refer to R-3030 Reversing Relay 1:1 Ratio Product Bulletin (LIT-7171465) for important product...


The R-4000 Miniature Pressure Regulator provides a method to readjust the setpoint of pneumatic controllers in low volume applications. The output pressure varies in proportion to the rotation of the adjusting knob. Refer to R-4000 Miniature Pressure Regulator Product Bulletin (LIT-7171360) for...


The R310A Series Current Sensing Switch detects alternating current (AC) flow in a single circuit without being connected to that circuit. It may be used in any application where current detection is required. The R310A replaces the R10A used with Johnson Controls/PENN time delay oil failure...


The System 350™ R353/S353 Modular Electronic Sequencer is designed to provide multi-stage control in HVAC and refrigeration applications. The R353 Signal Input Module accepts input signals of 0 to 10 VDC, 0 to 20 mA, or 135 to 10k ohm slidewire potentiometer to drive up to ten S353 modules. The...


The S-224 Pneumatic Gradual Switch provides manual selection of the pressure in air lines from a remote location. The S-224 is a proportional action relay type switch, which will maintain a selected output pressure setting until it is readjusted. Refer to S-224 Pneumatic Gradual Switch Product...


The S-2300 Pneumatic Selector Switch provides manual switching of air in pneumatic control systems.
Refer to S-2300 Pneumatic Selector Switch Product Bulletin (LIT-7171380) for important product information.


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