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Honeywell’s HercuLine® 10260S Smart actuators incorporate all of the high quality and reliable features of the traditional HercuLine® actuators plus the added benefits of a microprocessor-based enhanced electronics unit (EEU).

These additional benefits provide:
     Faster set-up...

12 Inch Circular Charts (box of 100)
2000 Series

Honeywell’s HercuLine® 2000 series actuators are low torque, precision electric actuators incorporating all of the easy-to-use, high quality, and reliable features of the traditional HercuLine® actuators.

Ensuring processes operate at maximum efficiency, with minimal downtime, and lowest...


Constructed of PES and Ryton for high corrosion resistance, 4905 Series cells can be supplied with nickel, platinum or Monel (depending on cell constant) electrodes, and will provide continuous reliable measurements at temperatures up to 140°C at pressures up to 250 psi.

For insertion...


4909 Cell Assemblies, available in 316 Stainless Steel or CPVC Plastic, allow insertion or removal of the cell without interruption to the process.

Two safety features, a restraining mechanism and an internal safety stop, provide protection to an operator for safe cell removal at...

4973 and 4974

These cells are ruggedly constructed for reliable, continuous measurement of electrolytic conductivity in industrial water processes at temperatures up to 140°C and pressures up to 250 psig.

The cells feature polyethersulfone (PES) construction for high-corrosion resistance, with...

5000TC Series

The Honeywell 5000TC sensors are specifically designed for the monitoring of conductivity, chemical concentration, or salinity in difficult applications where coating, fouling, corrosion, or high temperatures/ pressures are a concern. The sensor’s 1 ½” diameter bore minimizes rough surfaces to...


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