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Q7130, Q7230 & Q7330

For converting series 90 Modutrol IV motors to series 70 (electronic) control.


Burner, panel or wall mount subbases for 7800 SERIES relay modules and S7830A Expanded Annunciator.


Provides terminals for field wiring for the R7999A ControLinks® Fuel Air Controller. Terminals on the R7999A,B Controller engage the Q7999 contacts to make electrical connections. The Q7999A Subbase is panel-mounted.

R4225; R8225

Provide general purpose and heavy duty switching for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, appliances, vending machines and similar applications.


Provide solid state, electronic flame safeguard protection for commercial and industrial single or dual fuel burners.


The Honeywell R7140G, L, M Burner Control Modules are microprocessor-based integrated burner control for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single burner applications.

R7247, R7248, R7249, R7476

Solid state plug-in units respond to flame detector signal and indicate presence of flame.

R7257, R7258, R7259

Solid state, plug-in units allow use of rectification, infrared and ultraviolet flame detections.
• Use with Q518, Q519 and W688A Flame Safeguard multi-burner modules and appropriate...

R7289, R7290

Solid state, plug-in units allow use of rectification or ultravioletflame detection.
• Use with R4795A,D Flame Safeguard primary controls andappropriate flame detector.

R7289, R7290

Solid state, plug-in units allow use of rectification or ultraviolet flame detection.


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