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This solid-front gauge is designed for greater readability by using a large 6˝ dial and a durable 4½˝ system. Viewed from the front, it appears to be a 6˝ gauge. Its glass-filled polypropylene case is highly impact resistant and holds up well in most environments. This general-purpose gauge...


• Broad selection of materials for meeting various service applications, including Teflon, Viton and Kalrez diaphragms.
• Elastomeric diaphragm is clamped securely between the top and bottom housings by clamp rings, assuring positive seal.
• Top housing is contoured to match diaphragm, minimizing distortion of the diaphragm should the pressure instrument be removed.
• Continuous duty.
• Fill/bleed connection is standard.
• Top housing and diaphragm are non-removable.
• Teflon, Viton and Kalrez diaphragms available in threaded and flanged inlet connections.


• Compact size to fit space restricted areas
• Designed to protect transducers, mini-switches and 3½˝ or smaller pressure gauges from corrosion, plugging or freeze-up
• All-welded metal construction prevents leakage of process media
• Rated for 2500 psi at 100°F
• Fill/bleed connection is standard


The Ashcroft® Type 320 quick-connect diaphragm seal is designed especially for those applications that require ease of dismantling and re-assembly and do not require a 3A standard rating in accordance with sanitary standard 74-00.


• All welded metal construction, prevents leakage of process media
• Flush design eliminates pockets that could cause clogging or build-up of process media
• Diaphragm area easy to clean up
• Provided with a 1˝ MNPT process connection
• Compact size to fit space restricted areas
• No gaskets or bolts
• For use on pressure gauges up to 3½˝ from 60 to 3000 psi
• Top housing and diaphragm material 316L stainless steel
• ¼ & ½ NPT instrument connection
• Adds an additional 1% tolerance to the gauge


This broad Ashcroft® switch series is easy to use and readily retrofits to virtually all process, industrial and OEM applications.

4080, 4480

Providing plus-values which will coordinate key functional areas in your plant, this Ashcroft® pneumatic transmitter serves pressure applications throughout all industries. A positive report of process fluid and media performance is provided at designated operational check points by a signal...


The Ashcroft® Type 5503 differential pressure gauge is available with ranges from 16 I.W.D. to 400 psi with optional static pressure to 3625 psi. Optional wetted parts includes Hastelloy C & Monel. Typical applications include use with liquified gas for nitrogen, helium, argon and carbon...


The Ashcroft® Type 5509 differential pressure gauge comes standard with 316SS wetted parts. This rugged gauge features an external zero adjust feature standard. Static pressure up to 360 psi.


This broad Ashcroft® switch series ideal for use in virtually all process, industrial and OEM applications.


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