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Schneider Electric
TC-4100 Series, TC-4200 Series

For on-off control of media temperature in ducts, tanks, liquid lines, etc.

Schneider Electric
TC-5231 Series, TC-5232, TC-5241 Series

The TC-5231, TC-5232, and TC-5241 low temperature thermostats are used to control temperature in air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

Schneider Electric
TP-1011, TP-1031 Series

For proportional temperature control of electric actuated valves, damper actuators, and sequence controllers.

Schneider Electric
CP-8301-xxx Series

The CP-8301-xxx Series electronic actuator drive is designed to process a variable 2 to 15 Vdc signal from a controller to provide proportional control of an electric gear train actuator....

Schneider Electric
TC-1xx Series, TC-11xx Series, TF-1111 Series

These thermostats provide on-off control of heating/cooling systems.



Schneider Electric
TC-2931, TC-2942

This thermostat provides summer-winter changeover in hydronic heating-cooling systems.

Schneider Electric

This thermostat provides hot water unit heater control and summer-winter changeover. May be used as either an open high control or an open low control. 

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