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Johnson Controls

The T-3111 is a combination thermostat and valve actuator providing proportional control of a steam or water valve on a single temperature application. Designed for use on a valve controlled...

Johnson Controls

The T-3610 Pneumatic Low Limit Controller is a low volume proportional controller providing temperature control for a wide variety of applications including, return air, mixed air, and unit...

Johnson Controls

The T-3100 Single Temperature, Single Pressure Thermostat maintains a space temperature in accordance with the return air temperature in a terminal air conditioning unit.

Johnson Controls

The T-3102 Heating Cooling Deadband Thermostat modulates heating and cooling controlled devices, based on space temperature variations in terminal air conditioning units. An adjustable pressure...

Johnson Controls

The T-3200 Single Temperature Dual Pressure Thermostat is a proportional action, pneumatic controller with an averaging temperature measuring element and concealed set point adjustment. This is...

Johnson Controls

The T-4002 Thermostat is a high volume output, single temperature thermostat. Refer to T-4000 Series Pneumatic Room Thermostat Product Bulletin(LIT-7171060P) for important product information...

Johnson Controls

The T-4003 Submaster Thermostat is a high volume proportional thermostat. The T-4003 can be reset from a remote location, or in accordance with a referened temperature variation. Refer to T-...

Johnson Controls

The T-3300 Dual Temperature Dual Pressure Thermostat is designed to maintain space comfort in accordance with the temperature of air returning to a terminal air conditioning unit.


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