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Belimo NM Series Direct Coupled, Non-Spring Return Actuator, 90 in-lb Minimum Torque

Direct Coupled, Non-Spring Return Actuator, 90 in-lb Minimum Torque
NM Series

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Cat #Motor Drive (Default)24 VAC +/- 20%, 50/60 HZ, VDC +/- 10%VA Rating, Transformer SizingWattage Running (Holding)On/Off2-10 VDC (Default) 4-20 mA (w/500 Ω Resistor)On/Off1Floating PointStart and Span adj., Start 0.5 to 30 VDC, Span 2.5 to 32 VDCPWM adj., 0.02 to 50.0 SecondsFloating Point11 SPDT, 3 A (0.5 A inductive) @250V100 VAC to 240 VAC2-10 VDC (Default) Adjustable with MFT5 kΩ Resistive Feedback5 kΩ Resistive Feedback1S1A or S2APotentiometerEnclosure (Part No. +N4 or +N4H) with Terminal Strip
NMB24-39542.0 (0.2)
NMCB24-34542.5 (0.2)
NMB24-SR9552.5 (0.2)
NMCB24-SR4552.5 (0.2)
NMB24-MFT15063.5 (1.3)
Torque 90 in-lb [10 Nm] minimum
Angle of Rotation 95° (adjustable with
mechanical stops)
Fits Shaft Diameter ½" to 1.05" (centers on
½"and ¾" shafts with insert
and 1.05" without inserts)
Position Indication reflective visual indicator
Manual Override external push-button
Direction of Rotation external switch
Dimensions 6.88" x 3.15" x 2.42"
[174.8 x 80 x 61.4 mm]
Electrical Connection 3 ft, 18 GA plenum cable,
½" conduit fitting
Overload Protection electronic throughout
Auxiliary Switch(es) add-on: 1 or 2 SPDT, 3A
(0.5A inductive) @ 250 V
adjustable 5° to 85°
Housing NEMA 2/IP54, Enclosure
Agency Listings cULus according to UL
60730-1A/-2-14, CAN/CSA
E60730-1:02, CE according
to 2004/108/EC and

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